Sally’s story – I’d rather get out there and do things

“We’ve been out together, various groups of us, doing some litter picking, some habitat management, bashing brambles and putting up bits of fencing… It’s been very good, because we’ve felt we’re doing something good for the area.”

About this video

Sally Emmerson told us her story of being asked if she was interested in helping with some litter picking in her local community, then how it progressed into being more involved with more environmental projects, such as planting and putting up fences. Even though she’s now treasurer of the Friends of Toftshaw group, Sally isn’t a fan of meetings but actually getting out there and getting her hands dirty.

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Friends of Toftshaw (Facebook)

Our stories, our placesThank you to Sally for sharing her story with us in a conversation at Toftshaw Hill Pit Pond. Find out how you can Share your story about getting involved in your local place – in a conversation, or online.

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