Shaped by People: Our shared goal

We make our places what they are

“We want everyone to be able to take part in making the places where they live, work and play better. We want to know people in our communities well, understand and appreciate what we and others can offer, and be able to get help when we need it. People should feel valued, respected, involved and listened to.”  – Kirklees citizens

How we set this goal

Shaped by People is a shared goal created by people from local places across Kirklees, through a series of workshops and online activities. All of us – individuals of all ages, families, neighbourhoods, businesses, community groups, local organisations and Kirklees Council – can share in it and take responsibility for achieving it. We make our places what they are.

What we’re aiming to achieve

  • More people believe that getting involved is worthwhile and feel inspired to take part.
  • More people have the confidence to get involved and know how to get support.
  • More people feel included, respected, listened to and able to contribute.
  • More people feel connected and know people in their communities well.

Shaped by People – in the words of our citizens

Staff and students at Kirklees College, holding up signs which together say "We make our places what they are"

We want to live in places where…

We take pride in improving our areas and feel inspired to take part, because we believe it’s worthwhile and that something positive will come out of it. We have the confidence to get involved and tackle local issues ourselves, and feel self-worth from working together and helping each other.

We feel connected to others and really get to know people in our communities. Our communities stop and talk, understand people’s needs, and will go out of their way for neighbours. They make us feel that we’ve got value and that people take the time.

To make this happen…

We do things together, turn up in all weathers and celebrate what we’re achieving together. Our communities have safe, welcoming spaces where people can express themselves, have conversations and make decisions about how we can help make our places better. We build each other’s confidence, reassure others that they belong and make room for them to get involved.

When we want to act, we know where to go to find information and who to ask for advice and support. We have easy access to spaces, and there are supporters and volunteers for local projects and activities. We can get experts in to help if needed, for example with funding applications.

We are supported and enabled in this by the council and other organisations, for example through promotion and funding. The council doesn’t get in the way or stop community fun! We are able to positively influence the council and other organisations on issues such as planning, and feel listened to and involved. But it’s a two-way street: the council and community need to do things that are supportive of each other.

When we do things together…

Everyone is able to contribute in different ways, because everyone has something to offer. We make each other feel welcomed, respected, valued, appreciated and looked after. Other people’s skills are valued, and we help each other to see how our skills can make a difference. By working together, we teach each other skills, including social skills.

We make it democratic and inclusive by asking each other what we want and what tasks we like doing. We share and delegate, communicate well and know how to disagree well. We bridge the gaps and bring people and communities together to battle misunderstandings and misconceptions, believing that when you show kindness, others will show kindness too. This includes accepting others, sharing our own heritage, and learning about each other’s cultures, because we know that it’s important to feel seen and appreciated.

We use fun, creativity and colour to bring people together, make us happy and give hope. If some feel shy, nervous or overwhelmed, others break the ice so that no-one feels like an outsider. People know what to expect: there are regular activities and we know how long they are going to go on for. And we know that not everyone wants to get involved in everything, and that’s okay.

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