Shaped by People: How to get involved

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Here are some ways that you can help us to learn more about how you and other people feel about getting involved in your community. We’re keen to hear your experiences, ideas and stories, so that we can learn how to help more people to get involved.

Tell us how you feel – a 10 minute task

We want to hear how you feel about getting involved in your community. Please take a few minutes to fill in our quick scorecard and add your comments. By sharing your experience, you’ll be helping us understand what’s helped you to get involved (or what’s got in your way).

You can also share your ideas about what you think would help more people to get involved.

Tell us how you feel

Host a quick conversation – a 20 minute task

We can send you our Shaped by People Conversation Pack in the post, so you can quickly ask people in your community group, your team or your neighbourhood to share their views. This includes telling us how Kirklees Council and other organisations can help more people to shape their local place.

A group activity could take 20 minutes or less – or you might like to chat to people one-to-one, whenever there’s a good time. We have packs available for Communities, Young citizens, Councillors and Kirklees Council staff.

If you’d like to host your conversation online instead, please get in touch – we can help.

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Share your story – a 30 minute task

Are you making a difference in your community? We’d love to share your story, to celebrate what you’re doing and to inspire others to get involved. You can take part online by completing our step by step form. Or we’d love to talk with you via phone, on Zoom or in person to learn more about what you’ve been doing.

How to share your story  |  Take part online now

What is Shaped by People?

Shaped by People is our shared goal, created by our citizens, which says that everyone should be able to get involved in making their community what they want it to be. We’re working with local people to learn how we can make more of this happen.

All of us – individuals of all ages, families, neighbourhoods, businesses, community groups, local organisations, councillors and Kirklees Council staff – can get involved. We make our places what they are.

Shaped by People: Our shared goal

Want to find out more?

If you’re interested in taking part – or supporting other people to get involved – and want to have a chat about it first, please get in touch. We can also come and talk with your group, team or network to help you learn more about Shaped by People. We’ll support you to get involved, in a way that works for you.

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