Julie’s story – How I became a volunteer at Beaumont Park

When I retired I was looking for something to fill my time and also help in the community. I originally thought about helping do some gardening, but as I had been in catering for many years and the park were looking for volunteers to help in the Visitor Centre, serving tea and cake, that’s where I thought I could help most and that is how it all began.

It was a very welcoming environment. There was a lady who had been a volunteer for many years. She was local and very supportive, so any problems we had whilst learning the ropes we discussed with her, and they soon got sorted out.

I have made many friends through helping volunteer, and I feel that I am appreciated for all the work that I do.

Working in the centre has made me a lot more outgoing, and it is always nice to have a bit of banter both with the older and younger generation. I am now on first name terms with a lot of people.

I am now also the Treasurer for Natural Kirklees, again supporting a good cause, with many groups trying hard to look after our Natural Green Spaces.

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