Joan’s story – a council officer and local volunteer

Whilst working for Kirklees Council I worked with the Kirklees Wildlife & Landscape Partnership. When the partnership morphed into Natural Kirklees, I carried on working with them as a volunteer. I eventually became a Trustee and have worked with them ever since.

I have always been interested in wildlife, birds in particular, as well as taking care of the environment and the damage being done through climate change. We are all aware that we need to take action to reduce human impact on the changing climate and Natural Kirklees aim to help their group members to do that in their various ways. Volunteering at Natural Kirklees is my way of helping the environment and giving something back.

After some thought I joined Honley Library as a volunteer. The reason I joined the library was to keep it open. I really enjoy the work and, like the voluntary work I do with my local Church, I meet friends, neighbours and people new to the village. The library has become a hub for the community and offers a welcome place to meet people and have a chat or join one of the groups who meet there.

Volunteering at Natural Kirklees has allowed me to meet people from a much wider area and the Library and Church has helped me to connect with friends and local people.

Volunteering for me is about meeting people, helping them and the climate, and it makes me feel that I am making a difference and helping people to achieve their aims.

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