Jamie’s story – a journey from volunteering to employment

I’m part of a community project called ‘All Together Now In Colne Valley Land’. We are building a community! Building friendships! We rely on people volunteering their time to help us, whether it be clean up events, community gardening days, nature walks or arts and crafts days.

I hadn’t been in full time employment for some time and wanted to return to ‘work’. This wasn’t easy due to work insurance after an accident I’d had.

To get back into a routine of working I looked for groups I could volunteer at. I thought I wanted to be on the other side helping others. Through online research, me and my parents found ‘Experience Community CIC’.

Going down to the offices we met Craig, who set up the group. Telling him my story, he said I could volunteer at a bike park they go to once a week. I did this for two years and then Craig offered me employment.

I wanted to share my experience and story of personal growth to demonstrate where giving time for free, without expectation, can lead to employment as well as personal fulfilment.

Getting involved made me feel like an able contributor to society. It’s given me a growing belief in my ability to learn, meaning I’ve now been able to apply this to help and educate others.

Through getting involved with and becoming a part of ‘Experience Community CIC’, to now running ‘All Together Now in Colne Valley Land’, I have met many new people, made new friends, and see first hand the difference volunteering has made to me and the difference it can make for others.

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Our stories, our placesThank you to Jamie for sharing this story through our ‘Share your story’ page on this website. Do you have something to share about getting involved? We’d love to hear your story.

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