Sarah’s story – My local community centre became my motivation

I suffered with a range of mental health difficulties for a number of years and really needed some motivation, to get out of my house that I had been hiding away in for so long. My local community centre became that place – it’s close to home, it’s familiar and a safe place. Slowly becoming involved has helped to build my confidence and help others, which helps me massively.

Getting out of the house and realising there were others struggling just like I was made me feel less alone, and wanting to make a difference helped me with my confidence massively, as did making new friends in my community.

We support each other as a community, but we don’t feel as supported by officials on Windy Bank. We feel we are a forgotten estate because of where we are, so we are lacking and not thriving like other areas.

Getting involved in the beginning made me feel like I was doing some good and making a difference, but as time went on there is always things standing in our way, that stop us progressing. It’s very deflating.

Taking part has definitely helped me to know and understand the other residents within my community a lot more, and to find ways we can all help and support each other.

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