Ellie’s story: I’m not proud of myself, I’m proud of other people

I’m really proud of the people around me. 

I did the Kirkwood Hospice Midnight Memory Walk which is a 5 or 10 mile fundraising walk for charity with older and young people walking together. I’m really proud of the people who stepped up and took part.

I was sort of pushed to doing it after someone dropped out, but I’ve also had a personal experience because my grandad had been cared for by Kirkwood Hospice so I wanted to help them in return. I carried on walking that night because I was with my friends and family and we walked past my nanna’s house and we had bacon sarnies at the end.

We all shared an experience, people told stories and shared what they were doing on social media. When people started to struggle with the walk, they were able to sit and rest and were supported by others. Some people had baked things, which we had at break time. 

I’m not proud of myself, I’m proud of other people. There were 5 year olds walking for 5 miles. The children didn’t even know what a charity is.

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illustrations from our workshopsThank you to Ellie for sharing this story after participating in one of our “How can more people come together to make local places better?” online workshops for Kirklees citizens.

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