Elizabeth’s story – The great satisfaction of volunteering

I have been volunteering at the Unity Shop for two months and it gives me a great feeling of satisfaction. To be working alongside other creative people is a real lift and it’s also brought me into contact with young people in a way I have not experienced in Holmfirth before. It makes me feel that I can be helping my own artistic efforts and those of others while enjoying meeting local people.

The Unity Shop opened in July 2021. It is a shop selling local arts and crafts, and there are very few places you can be certain to find and buy so many products that are made by local people.

Image shows an arts and crafts displayI love that the Unity Yard is based in one of the few remaining old mill buildings in Holmfirth, with all it’s character preserved. I love that it provides work opportunities for local young people and volunteering opportunities for all. There is a real sense of community and togetherness from us as volunteers and anyone who visits. The Unity Shop fits with my ideals of upcycling all sorts of materials and furniture, and desire to re-use where we can.

There is a huge range of art available. There are vintage clothes and flowers and plants as well. It feels to be a very inclusive place. I really connect with it. It’s also got an excellent café where people come and meet their friends, as well as browse the arts and crafts. It’s definitely given me a lift and others too.

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